Your Leadership

Hon. Esther Hill Haywood



John Gaskin, III

National Board Member


Rev. BT Rice

First Vice President


Hon. Edward J. Haywood

Second Vice President


Sandra Murdock

Third Vice President


Lula Hall



Dianne Perry

Assistant Secretary


Ina Boon



Maggie Strong

Assistant Treasurer


Executive Committee

Sylvia Baker

Marie Bonds

Margaret Brown

Chris Brown

Rachel Burse

Jackie Crawford

Melanie Dileo

County Executive Charlie Dooley

Patricia Foster

William Foster

Angela Gaskin

John Gaskin, II

Patrick Green

Mayor Patrick Green

Jacquelyn Harris

Atty. Wayne Harvey

Andreal Hoosman

Hubert Hoosman, Jr.

Rosemary Johnson

Phylis Knight

Shirley McGee

Kenneth Murdock

Nathaniel Murdock, M.D

Andrew Strong

Harriet Weaver




Your National Leadership

Chairman NAACP National Board of Directors:

Roslyn McAlister Brock

Roslyn Brock is the youngest woman ever elected to serve as chairman of the NAACP’s national Board of Directors.



Loraine C. Miller

Loraine C. Miller serves as interim President and CEO for the NAACP.

Ms. Miller was the first African American woman to serve as chief clerk for the United States House of Representatives.