Strategic, Unified Organization for Mike Brown – Erace The Hate

This video was posted by a Missouri native who has created a brand, Erace The Hate to spread awareness with peace and positivity.

“We have to understand that our battle is not the same battle we fought during the civil rights movement.  With technology, we can bring awareness and make trends that bring societal change.  Every message, every word, every picture, song, or video will draw a certain energy.  The things that we see in media compel us to act in a certain way.  Here is how we should make a difference:

1. Before you post anything online, CHECK YOUR SOURCES!!! Do not post unofficial statements or stories.

2. Posts on ALL social media should be constructive.  They should provide enlightenment, education, comfort, and potentially, constructive humor.

2.  Any person that is interested in giving hands-on assistance to the matter should reach out to neighborhood organizations that are providing outreach.

4.  There needs to be a town hall meeting scheduled in all major cities to discuss the development of the following programs:

a.  Assesment of the Police Department Code of Conduct

b.  Mandatory use of body cameras for officers see 

c.  Just as we have sex education, the youth need programs teaching them how to speak to, and cooperate with “authorities”

d.  Sagging should be illegal


I have built the Erace The Hate brand to bring awareness to injustices within our communities.  Our brand connects all who live for the betterment of humanity.  We call ourselves, Eracists; A League of Extraordinary Dreamers.  The world needs a positive and real life trend.   The world needs to Erace The Hate.  I would like to thank the NAACP and all other organizations in advance for working, communicating with one another to creative a better environment for black youth as a result of this tragedy.”


– Lyndon Gray, president of Eracism Clothing llc and founder of 

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